Books for Textile Artists with Ruth Brown

I’m delighted to be asked to teach in Leah's studio, Urban Studio North. This four day workshop combines my two loves, fabric and books. I discovered the joys of bookbinding a couple of years ago and am having great fun using my 20 years of textile skills in a new format. Fabric and books are a match made in heaven!

We’ll take beautiful fabrics, gorgeous papers and lovely threads to make a series of different book forms. We'll start from first principles so that whatever you make will have a high quality finish, covering how to select suitable papers, boards and fabrics for making books and how to use simple book binding tools and techniques. Everything you learn during these four days can be achieved easily at home without any expensive, specialised equipment.

We’ll make

·         A blizzard book - a folded book to contain business cards.

·         A crown book - a variation on the blizzard book with removable pages

·         The Secret Belgian Binding - this gives a book which opens completely flat and has a cover which will turn back on itself. The cover pieces and the spine piece are woven together with a crisscross effect. The signatures (pages)are then sewn on to the weaving. Fascinating!

·         A long stitch binding where there is a wraparound cover and the signatures are sewn through the cover.

·         A Drum Leaf binding - this is a binding where each pair of pages is a spread with no stitching in the centre, making it a lovely way to display art work or photographs. The version we make will have a case binding (a hard back).

Please note that the images shown are to illustrate the types of binding only – the details of the books we make during the course may vary.

The workshops will run from 10.00am to 4.00pm each day with the studio opening at 9.30am and will have a maximum class size of 7.

The total cost for the four day workshop is £340 (including £140 deposit). There will be a materials fee of £20 payable directly to Ruth.

The cost includes hot and cold drinks, biscuits and fruit, and a simple lunch each day.

Cancellation policy: This workshop will only run if 5 or more people enrol. If there is a shortfall you will receive a full refund. And you will, of course, receive a full refund if I cancel the course. However please be aware that a refund will not be given in any other circumstances unless your place can be filled.

belgian-leahs-fabric semi reduced.jpg