Breakdown Your Palette

This five-day, focussed, workshop combines an in-depth exploration of breakdown printing and the study of colour to create a palette of beautiful, co-ordinated cloth. Working from your own inspirational images or objects you will extract colours to use as you work with a range of breakdown printing techniques. We will also investigate the use of discharge paste in breakdown and how your printed fabrics can be enhanced by other surface design techniques.

·         Learn how to mix simple and complex colours using thickened Procion dyes.

·         Develop colour families from your own sources of inspiration and experiment with adding contrasting colour.

·         Practice all types of breakdown printing; embedding objects into a layer of dye; using dye straight from squeegee bottles to make grids, lines, text, doodles and squirts; using a roller, brush or spoon to layer and manipulate dye on top of temporary resists; creating double layer breakdown screens; using mark making tools to create screens with delicate, deliberate detail and so much more!

·         Explore single colour and multicolour screens. Pull through with thickened paste or with thickened dye – or both. Learn how to control the colour(s) in your printed cloth.

·         Learn how to use value and scale to create a set of printed fabrics that work together.

·         Use thickened discharge paste in breakdown – on its’ own or combined with other breakdown screens.

·         Take your cloth further by introducing other techniques such as resist dyeing or thermofax printing.

You’ll be encouraged to start your own colour diary and can create colour blankets to use as reference at home. You’ll have the opportunity to dye fabric that co-ordinates with your printed cloth. And yes, we will talk about how you could use all your beautiful, unique fabric!

With a maximum of 6 students you’ll get lots of one to one support from Leah, group demonstrations and detailed class notes. How much fabric you print will depend on your own personal style of working and, unfortunately, a little bit on the weather. Expect to print at least 6 pieces but if the sun shines it could be 8 – 10 pieces. The workshops will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm each day with the studio opening at 8.30am and closing at 5pm.

The total cost for the course is £375. A £125 fee is payable on booking. The remaining £250 will be payable 6 weeks before the course start date.

The cost includes hot and cold drinks, cake and fruit, and a simple lunch each day. Most of the materials (except fabric), media and equipment needed for the workshops will be provided. You will be given requirement list but I aim to keep these as short as possible. The studio will be stocked with a selection of the fabrics, Procion dyes, screen printing inks, auxiliary chemicals, screen printing screens and equipment for students to buy so that you can continue your studies at home.

Cancellation policy: This workshop will only run if 4 or more people enrol. If there is a shortfall you will receive a full refund. And you will, of course, receive a full refund if I cancel the course. However please be aware that a refund will not be given in any other circumstances unless your place can be filled.