My textile art has developed from a life-long love of working with textiles and stitch. The tactile nature of cloth envelopes me in feelings of wellbeing and brings with it memories of people long gone. I can trace my path from making clothes to making bed quilts. From buying printed fabrics to dyeing and printing my own. From following others to developing my own ideas. From craft to art. From working at the kitchen table to building my studio. A studio that is now my sanctuary; a place to retreat to; a place to clear my mind; a place to create and, more recently, a place to teach.

My starting point for a new series of work is always colour. My science background shines through as I carefully blend families of colours, keeping accurate records so that I can recreate individual colours over and over again. I love complex, neutral colours but add flashes of brighter colour to help draw the audience closer to the finished pieces. The application of colour to white cloth through multiple wet processes fascinates me. I often use a deconstructive printing process that creates unpredictable but glorious marks. I strive for abstract, fractured texture occasionally overprinted with small areas of text or shape that form a more literal connection to my inspiration. I create a palette of cloth that is then cut and reassembled to form a new piece of cloth. I add stitch to create another layer of texture and sometimes to reference my inspiration. The addition of stitch gives the finished piece the dimensional nature that I love.

I live and work in Manchester. The city and surrounding region has a strong industrial heritage and I am inspired by the way man-made structures, especially those associated with industry, shape the landscape. Always there but rarely acknowledged. In my current work I explore three areas. Contemporary, working structures that divide the landscape into crisp lines and shapes. Abandoned older structures that, through a process of decay, are slowly being reclaimed by nature. And those iconic structures which now only exist in our memory.

Curated Exhibitions

  • ‘Links’ Visions Art Museum online (2018)

  • SAQA Wide Horizons VI (touring EU 2018/19)

  • 36th Annual New Legacies, Lincoln Centre, Colorado USA (2018)

  • Quilt-Art-Quilt (Best in Show), Auburn NY 2017.

  • Quilt National, Ohio and touring 2017-2019.

  • SAQA Layered Voices International Quilt Study Center & Museum, Lincoln, Nebraska and touring 2017-2019

  • ‘To The Point’ Visions Art Museum online (2016)

  • ‘Breakout: Quilt Visions 2016’ Visions Art Museum, San Diego USA (2016)

  • SAQA Wide Horizons V (toured EU 2016/17)

  • Art category (Winner), Festival of Quilts UK (2016)

  • Fine Art Quilt Masters, Festival of Quilts UK (2016)

  • ‘Architecture’ Visions Art Museum online (2016)

  • CQ ‘Elements’ (toured EU 2015/16)

  • ‘Structures’ The Old Fire Station Gallery, Henley-on-Thames UK (2015)

  • ‘Inspirations’ Knitting and Stitching Show, Olympia UK (2015)

  • Fine Art Quilt Masters, Festival of Quilts UK (2015)

  • ‘Inspirations’ Knitting and Stitching Show, Olympia UK (2014)

As part of ‘Transitions’ an exhibition by the Etcetera group

  • Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery, Cheshire (2016)

  • Ryedale Folk Museum and Gallery, North Yorkshire (2016)

  • Platform Gallery, Clitheroe (2015)

Exhibitions in collaboration with mixed media artist Helen Conway

  • Gallery One, World of Glass, St Helens UK 17 March – 4 May 2018

  • Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery, Cheshire 24 May – 1 July 2018


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