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A series of work that is inspired by what happens to buildings and cities when we leave them behind; when we abandon them. Rain, wind and time pull at them. Window panes crack. Pipes burst. Rust and moss stain the walls. Nature reclaiming what man took from her.

Hidden Message 13.jpg

Hidden Message

The Hidden Message series is influenced by the differences between the new public face of China and the government control and restrictions that still thread through every aspect of life. The pieces combines Shanghai skyscrapers with a list of types of censorship. Sometimes in English, sometimes in Mandarin. Sometimes bold and legible, sometimes hidden.

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A series of pieces inspired by those industries and industrial structures that once dominated our landscapes but no longer exist outside of museums.

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A series of pieces inspired by the way man-made structures, and especially those associated with industry, shape the urban landscape. Always there but rarely acknowledged. Working or abandoned structures, that divide the landscape into crisp lines and shapes.

Happy Today detail


A series of pieces inspired by the influence of place on my mental well being. Some pieces come from a place of calm stillness. Others from a much darker place.