15 years of blessings

There is a tale told by American singer songwriter Jim White that says something along the lines that you should count up your blessings, a minute here or an hour there, and put them in a jar. And if, at the end of your life those blessings add up to 15 years then you've had a pretty good life. My blessings have come in many forms; a loving and generous husband, happy and health kids, a wonderful grandson and a satisfying day job. But more recently my blessings have come from hours spent in my studio creating my art. I have stitched for as long as I can remember. Time working with fabric and thread has always brought me pleasure but somewhere along the path pleasure turned into passion. An interest became an obsession. A calling.

I define myself as a textile artist but I truly believe that art only exists when viewed by others. This studio blog is another step on a path that I am now committed to. But why a blog and why now? Why now is easy - 2015 is going to be an important year for me. As part of Etcetera, a group of 7 textile artists, I have my first gallery exhibition. Why a blog - because by documenting my progress it becomes a public statement of intent. Which is both terrifying and empowering. And, of course, a blog is a way of marketing myself and my art.

Those who know me will know that I am not a big user of social media - it takes time away from making art - so I will not be a prolific blogger. So expect posts once or sometimes twice a week. And expect them to be about what is happening in my studio and in my life as a textile artist.

Sneak preview of my new series 'Ruins'