Glorious mess!

Although I am a bit of a neat freak one of my favourite methods for creating a jagged background is really messy. It is a one of those processes that gives the best results if you apply multiple layers of colour. Yesterday I took a piece of pre soda soaked cotton and started to apply thickened dyes through an open screen. I used a rust and half strength black colour family (as taught by Leslie Morgan at C2C). I roughly scrunched the fabric then screened on top, opened the fabric out, re-scrunched, screened on top ... over and over again with different colours. After adding quite a bit of colour I opened the fabric out and left on my bench overnight to dry. First layer of colour

Today I applied a second layer of colour using the same method and same colour family. I have left the fabric overnight to batch. Tomorrow I will rinse, wash and dry the fabric and assess the colours. I'll then soda the fabric again and keep going. It is time consuming process but the results are wonderful!

Adding more colour through an open screen

As you lift the screen the fabric opens up revealing lots of lovely jagged shapes and texture

This is what the fabric looks like after applying the second layer of colour