Ticking Boxes

One of my goals for this spring was to finish at least 8 of my Hidden Message skyscraper pieces. Having realized that my older Hidden Message pieces would be too big for the Etcetera exhibition at Platform Gallery, Clithero (12 - 27th September) I intentionally set out to create pieces that were 12 inches wide by 30 inches high. I had to dye more fabric, print using a smaller scale and finally, think of a more appropriate construction process. Hence the skyscraper pieces which I have documented in earlier posts. I constructed and stitched 4 pieces during the Rydal retreat in February. Over the last few weeks I have completed another 4 pieces and have 'finished' all 8. In this case finishing has meant stretching over canvas, adding labels and picture hooks. I brought a box of 10 12 x 30inch own brand stretched canvases from Jacksons Art Supplies who have a great selection of canvases (and other lovely things!) and give a decent saving if you buy in bulk. The method I used for stretching my pieces has been really well described by fellow Etcetera member Helen Conway. I used double sided tape instead of contact adhesive and finished the backs by covering the edges of textile with a self adhesive fabric tape (well I am a neat freak!). I added fabric labels to the back of each piece. I used an Epson S22 printer with pigment inks to print onto hand dyed fabric. I love this method of finishing my work. And I have ticked a box!