Transitions - article in this months British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine

One of the Etcetera group members, Helen Conway, has written a great article about our first exhibition. Spread over three pages it has lots of photos of all our works and explains how we formed as a group. It is widely available in the UK if you fancy a look!

Not content to bask in the glory of our first exhibition I have been busily constructing another piece in my Ruins series. I wanted to create something 'panoramic' that references abandoned cities. Something that completely fills the viewers field of vision as they draw close. Unfortunately my biggest design wall is only 2m wide so I had to 'compose' the background on my large print bench. As with the previous pieces I have cut all my printed fabrics into individual 'bricks' that I then use to build a 'wall'. The finished background contains over 300 bricks and is approximately 3m wide by 1m high. It is currently in two pieces to make the background quilting a little easier. Each piece will be quilted with 1/4 inch spaced parallel lines across the width - approximately 500m of stitching. They will then be joined together before I add the stitched 'buildings'. A mammoth task that reminds me of a saying; how do you eat an elephant? one slice at a time!