Planning the next Etcetera exhibition

The next 'Transitions' exhibition by Etcetera will open at Ryedale Folk Museum and Art Gallery in Hutton le Hole, North Yorkshire on Saturday 19th March. The gallery is a lovely space with a lot of wall space for us to fill. Today we meet in my studio to work out what pieces would go where. Now I am, in case you haven't already figured out, a bit of a control freak.  So no scraps of paper for me! Instead I made a 1/10th scale model from mount board. Where I had photos of our pieces I scaled them, printed in colour and laminated. Other pieces were represented by appropriately sized pieces of card. It took us a couple of hours to collectively curate the exhibition. Some pieces were excluded because they didn't work well and others were added. By using the model we were able to visualise the space and decide where plinths or cabinets would stand. And, of course, we sustained ourselves with coffee and cake! So here is a sneak preview - we think it is going to look fabulous and would love you to visit!