Updated Website

I was going to update the website over the New Year holiday. Then it became over the Chinese New Year holiday .... so it is a good job that I didn't make this a New Year Resolution! At last though, it is done. I've updated the 'About' page and added pricing to many of the pieces shown. I'd like to add 'buy now / paypal' buttons to each page but haven't figured how to do that yet. I've also added a new page on my Storm / Still series. But the biggest change is the removal of the page on hand dyed fabrics with the link to my Etsy site. I've sold very little fabric since setting up the site - in fact I suspect I have paid more in listing fees than I made in sales - so I have decided to close the shop and focus on making art!

Hope you like the changes and please feel free to point out any typos!

Still 2