Last Thursday my gentle, lovely mother-in-law, Joan Higgins passed away. She had been ill for a while so her death was not unexpected but it was sooner than we had hoped for. Knowing that it was going to happen has not made it any easier but it did give us the time to spend her last few days together as a family. And I could not be prouder of the way her grandchildren rallied together to support my father-in-law, my husband and his brothers. 

We are now in that 'limbo' phase before the funeral and I have been able to get into my studio for a few hours. As always I find solace in my art but have realised that I cannot return to my 100 week day challenge. I started the challenge at about the same time as Joan became ill. On day 44 we learnt that her illness was terminal. Since then the challenge has provided an incentive to get into the studio nearly every day if only for a few minutes. 

Day 86 was the last day I worked on the challenge. The challenge was to spend 2 hours each week day evening for 100 days / 20 weeks making small art. I worked in my studio on 80 of the 86 days and for a total of 162.5 hours out of the 172 hours targeted (2 x 68). I have finished 52 small pieces of art.

So despite ending too soon I consider it a success. A bit like Joan's life - a good life but over too soon.

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