My new website!

Fingers and toes crossed ... this post should be reaching you from my newly designed website. Please have a look around. And please, please let me know if something isn't working! I hope you like what you see.

I like the more stripped back look of this website and the fact that the Squarespace template I used included lots of different ways of displaying images. Which is very handy as my art is all sorts of shapes and sizes. It was also really easy to import my blog posts from my old Wordpress site. And then there was the shop - easy to set up although you can only use a single aspect ratio for all the product images. I have spent a lot of time in Photoshop over the last couple of weeks!

Whilst deciding what to show in the galleries I realised that there are some older works that I'm very unlikely ever to get the opportunity to exhibit again so I have put them on sale in my new shop. I have also listed many of the small pieces I made during my recent 100 (week) day challenge. Although I made them for my upcoming exhibitions in 2018 I did get rather carried away and made more than I really need. You'll notice in the galleries that several of my large works shown in the galleries are marked as not for sale. This is either because they are touring or because they will be exhibited next year. 

Now after several weeks sat in front of a computer I need to get back to making art!