Cut adrift in a winter wonderland.

4 March 2018 2.jpg

It has been that time of year again when I join 12 other textile artists (and good friends) for a 5 day retreat at Rydal Hall in Ambleside. No husband. No kids. No cooking or cleaning. No sitting in traffic. No work. New CD's in the car for the drive up. A new piece of work to stitch. Books to share. A short period in which to focus on making whilst eating well and laughing often.  

It snowed on the first night. The view from my bedroom window was truly spectacular. At breakfast I looked through the window at pristine snow on stone steps. Afterwards I opened the front door long enough to be grateful that I didn't have to go any further.   

4 March 2018 1.jpg
4 March 2018 4.jpg

I retreated to the work room to stitch. And stitch. And stitch. 

4 March 2018 5.jpg

Cozy and warm. Grateful for what I have but more aware than ever that not everyone lives in wonderland.