It has always been my long term plan to teach in my studio and right now feels like a good time to start. I have spent some very long days at my sewing machine this last year preparing work for my two exhibitions with Helen Conway but sewing time is serious thinking time. Time to think through all the pros and cons.

I have given a lot of thought to what, and how, I want to teach. I have taught informally before and found that I really enjoyed showing students how to use dyes, paints, screens, tools etc to create work that was uniquely theirs. So I will be teaching surface design but I will not be showing students how to 'make a Leah Higgins quilt'. I am currently putting together lesson plans for 2 day workshops and for 'a day a month' programme. It makes sense to start with technique driven classes for beginners then add more advanced classes. Any suggestions or requests will be gratefully received!

I have also given a lot of thought as to how it will affect my family as my studio sits behind our home. The good news is they all think it is a great idea and are helping me get the studio (and the garden which is a mess) ready. I will limit surface design classes to 6 students. I could have fitted in more but I want students to have lots of room. And I didn't want to lose my giant print bench! Which I love.

I hope to run my first workshops in July. Assuming that I can attract any students. It's all rather exciting and rather intimidating at the same time. I'll be adding details to my website, hopefully before the end of May. Better get back to it!