Breaking eggs

16 June 2018 4.jpg

Having decided to start teaching I spent a lot of time drawing out potential layouts. To scale of course. I didn't want to lose my giant print bench but quickly realised that my not so giant print bench and my sewing table would need to make way for the students benches. I know, I know; you have to break eggs to make an omelette. And so converting my studio into a space where I can teach 6 students has inevitably meant making a mess and breaking some stuff.   

16 June 2018 3.jpg

The not so giant print bench has been dismantled. I was feeling sad that we were going to get rid of it. I forgot that the men in my life hate throwing things away. Instead it is going to be used in the cellar as a Warhammer gaming table (don't ask!). Not quite sure how it will fit but that is not my problem. At least it won't be once they move the bits out of the studio!

I thought my studio was well equipped but as I work through the lesson plans I'm realising that there is a lot of stuff I need. And that all that stuff will need to find homes. It's slow going but I am making progress. I now have a second water boiler thanks to my friend Ruth. I've christened them Stan and Ollie. I also have labels on cupboards. Next weekend we are making the tables - exciting times!

16 June 2018 1.jpg