What's your working space like?

I read a great interview with 3D embroidery artist Isobel Currie on the TextileArtist.org website about her workspace. It is a 1.7 x 2.8m portion of the family dining room. She makes the point that the working environment is critical to the enjoyment of the creative process but also to the quality of the outcomes. For her it is important to be creating within a domestic environment rather than in a separate studio space. That brings with it size restrictions and, for Isobel, the need to work in a tidy and well organised way. Have a look at the interview. It is illustrated with photos of her beautifully colourful craft cupboard. Compared to Isobel, and many of my artist friends I have a huge workspace. My studio is 8.5 x 4.5m with two big print benches, a dedicated sewing area and three design walls (albeit none of them is as big as I really need!). I could, in theory, be really messy and still have room to create. But alas that just doesn't work for me. I need a tidy, clean and well organised environment in order to 'free up' my mind to create. Which is maybe reflected in the fact that my art always has strong structural elements and in the fact that I take pleasure in sewing in my ends even when I am machine stitching hundreds of parallel lines!

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