Changing practice, changing studio

I've written before about how creating a dedicated studio was a big part of my personal development as an artist. We did the original build just over 3 years ago (Story of my Studio) at which point I shared the space with my son Cal who was starting his own picture framing business. When he moved into his own studio in May 2015 I was able to add an additional print bench and another small design wall. At the time I wanted it to be a space that was attractive and inviting as well as practical and that definitely influenced the layout. We built a lovely bench along the back wall that sat in between two small design walls. My sewing table sat between the two print benches because I liked the symmetry of the layout. But over that last couple of years my work has evolved. My pieces are bigger than my design walls. When I print now I make 4 - 6 breakdown screens at a time and have multiple pieces of cloth on my benches. Having to constantly walk past my sewing table to get to one of the benches is good exercise but a disaster waiting to happen with dripping screens. And I've now got a lot more finished pieces that need to be stored carefully.

So it is time for change. Phase 1 has involved removing the bench from the back wall and building a new installation along one of the short walls. The old deep shelving designed for Cal's wood and tools have gone. The garden chair cushions have gone into a new store in the garden. The separate desk used for my computer has gone. Instead Cal reused the bench and built new shelving that is a better size for my needs. We have moved the sewing table and print benches around so that my 'dry' area and 'wet' areas are now separate.

My new 7.5 metre long design wall will be built in 'phase 2' over the Easter weekend and I am open to suggestions on the best way to do this. I'm also going to change some of the lighting. And, if we get time build a book case.

But for now the studio is clean and tidy (enough) that I can get back to stitching. And the sun is shining. Life is good.