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Adding colour to a finished quilt

Ruins 7, work in progress It is scary stuff adding colour to a piece that I have already invested hours and hours of my time in but it needed to be done. I was not happy with the piece and would probably have filed it in the bin so what did I have to loose? But it has been a long time since I added colour to a finished piece so I spent a pleasant morning trying different types of media and different application techniques on some small Ruins samples. I chose a Markal oil stick and yesterday started applying colour to Ruins 7.

Getting organised

Ironing freezer paper masks on the quilt

Adding Markal to the mask

Brushing across the Markal onto the cloth using a small stiff brush

Removing the mask to see if there is enough colour applied

Lessons learnt. Don't apply Markal too close to the edge of the mask as it is really easy to accidently slip off the paper. Make sure you remove any small specs that have fallen off the oil stick before you start brushing. Wash your hands regularly. And remember to breath!