Looking for the positive

Photos from the beach at Dunure It has been several weeks since I last blogged and I have a confession! I have been lamenting all the things that 'LIFE' has stopped me doing recently instead of focusing on what I have actually achieved during what has been a very difficult couple of months. That needs to change. So here is a list of what I have been doing (in no particular order):

  1. I have developed a new colour family based on the colours of the rocks and pebbles on the beach at Dunure.
  2. I have completed Ruins 4 and entered it into Contemporary Quilt Group exhibition being curated by Kate Findlay.
  3. I have built and installed a third design wall in my studio.
  4. I have built shelves to store my threads.
  5. I visited Festival of Quilts and saw my first Ruins quilt beautifully hung next to the wonderful quilt by Susie Koren that won Fine Art Quilt Masters.
  6. I've printed some extra fabrics for the ongoing Ruins series and started to put together Ruins 5 on the design wall.
  7. And I've given myself a mental 'kick up the backside'!

New colour family based on a 'true' black and a dirtied up golden yellow

All my threads - storage and a piece of art at the same time!

Detail from Ruins 4