Virtual Studio day with the Etcetera group

One of the ways members of my exhibiting group, Etcetera, support each other is to hold occasional virtual study days. We always have a great time when we meet in person but busy schedules limit how often we can do this. So we set up days where we each work in our own studios and 'talk' with each other through the day. Ideally they are days when we can shut out the world and really focus on making art. We share our thoughts, our successes and our failures. In the past we have 'talked' to each other through a yahoo discussion group. This time we decided to use a private Facebook group. Which, for me, meant getting a Facebook account! I had one years ago for keeping in touch with family but got feed up of seeing photos of my teenage kids and their friends getting up to stuff that parents wouldn't normally (pre-social media) see. This time around I've decided to keep it 'art' focussed. I set up the account on Friday evening, 'friended' my Etcetera colleagues and wrote my first post yesterday lunchtime. And then kept nipping back to my computer to see if anybody had commented on my post .... I commented on other peoples posts then kept nipping back to my computer to see if they had replied! My goodness Facebook is distracting!!!

So I am not quite sure if it is something I'm ready to go 'public' with just yet. But watch this space!

I did manage to complete 2 more Dunure samples between visits to my computer. I like both of them, especially Dunure 6. Although it taught me that I should maybe have stitched with parallel lines prior to adding the circles rather than having to stitch around them. But that is the whole point behind sampling.

Dunure 6

Dunure 5